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NewOpera CO explores new paths for contemporary music drama. Niklas Rydén and NewOpera CO have during ten years written and performed five new-operas. The works are composed for singers with background in improvisation, pop and jazz. That gives the works a different sound than classical opera, despite the fact that the music is composed in a classical way. The music draws inspiration from both classical and modern music, but also cabaret and popular music.

(Svenska) Produktioner

All NewOpera CO's performances are filmed. There are also a lot of material from the processes and work in progress shows and discussions. Visit our film page here.


(Svenska) Film och musik

(Svenska) Lyssna på Sånglösa!

Alla föreställningar med NewOpera CO är filmade. Det finns också mycket material från processer och olika visningar och samtal.
Besök vår filmsida här.


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NewOpera CO

NewOpera CO creates newopera, inventive music drama. Niklas Rydén is founder and artistic director.

Financial support

Kulturrådet, VGR, Göteborg, Konstnärsnämnden, Dramatikerförbundet.


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