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Video with English subs

There are now NewOpera CO video clips with English subtitles. See clips from The Family, Singless and Party in the Villa here.

NewOpera to Budapest

In December, the two Swedish composers Niklas Ryden and Catharina Backman are invited to Budapest to get to know a Hungarian initiative to renew the opera and see four new works taking part in a competition for new opera, The Key to the Future Event. Choreographer Eva Ingemarsson from Atalante is also joining the event.

Now also in english

Now this website is also in English. Soon, it will also be possible to see some film with NewOpera CO with English translation.

Soon at aliasTEATERN

Now it approaches. On 15 and 16 November NewOpera CO guest Stockholm and play The Family on Aliasteatern, Hälsingegatan 3. Both performances are at 7 am, and afterwards there will be a public talk. See also the event on Facebook. Book tickets on

Familjen in P1, DN, Alba

Swedish national radio made a report:   Listen to P1 Kultur about Familjen (swedish)

Britt Norbergs review in  Britt Norbergs revirs in  (swedish)

Johanna Paulssons review in DN: Review DN  (swedish)

Familjen at Stora Teatern

On October 22 the GAS contemporary music festival organizes Gothenburg Sounds at Stora Teatern in Göteborg. There, all of Gothenburg organizers of contemporary music will present one act. The program starts at 5 pm and at 8 pm NewOpera CO shows an excerpt from The Family on the large club scene. Gothenburg Sounds shows an international act every hour on Stora Klubben, Kristallfoajén or in Stora Baletten. Bars are open and entrance is free. Among the curators are Geiger, Levande Musik, Atalante och Brötz.  Program Göteborg Sounds

Stockholm in november

In november The Family will be played in Stockholm. On 15 and 16 november at 7 pm NewOpera CO will play at aliastTeatern on Hälsingegatan 3 close to S:t Eriksplan. Book tickets at

Urpremiär Familjen

Familjen hade premiär fredagen den 9 september på ett fullsatt Atalante. Publiken gav ensemblen stående ovationer i flera minuter och firade tillsammans med NewOpera CO efteråt.

Kulturkalaset 16 augusti

Den 16 augusti visar NewOpera CO ett utdrag på 25 minuter från Familjen på Göteborgs Kulturkalas. Det är i Teatercentrums tält bredvid Stora Teatern kl 18.15.

Höjt verksamhetsstöd

Sedan 2016 har NewOpera CO verksamhetsstöd från Kulturrådet. När vi nu fick besked inför 2017 visade det sig att NewOpera CO var en av ytterst få fria grupper som fick en höjning. Från 400 tkr till 500 tkr. Fantastiskt. Läs Kulturrådets nyhetsbrev här.

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NewOpera CO creates newopera, inventive music drama. Niklas Rydén is founder and artistic director.

Financial support

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