Familjen at Stora Teatern

On October 22 the GAS contemporary music festival organizes Gothenburg Sounds at Stora Teatern in Göteborg. There, all of Gothenburg organizers of contemporary music will present one act. The program starts at 5 pm and at 8 pm NewOpera CO shows an excerpt from The Family on the large club scene. Gothenburg Sounds shows an international act every hour on Stora Klubben, Kristallfoajén or in Stora Baletten. Bars are open and entrance is free. Among the curators are Geiger, Levande Musik, Atalante och Brötz.  Program Göteborg Sounds

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NewOpera CO

NewOpera CO creates newopera, inventive music drama. Niklas Rydén is founder and artistic director.

Financial support

Kulturrådet, VGR, Göteborg, Konstnärsnämnden, Dramatikerförbundet.


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