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Att höra texten

Att höra texten

A starting point in for the exploring work of NewOpera CO has been that it should be easy to hear the text. In the creation of libretto/text this has meant that we have strived for simplicity and clarity of language. And in the work of the music it been an overall basis for the composition method. Almost all the melodies in NewOpera CO’s works are written with a starting point in the rhythm and emphasis that comes when you read the text. The music thus arise from the text as it is formed when it’s read, spoken. This applies to rhythm, timbre and melodic curves, phrasing. This method makes it easy to hear the text.

In classical opera the words, and their meanings, are often used as basis for a musical performance that is much freer and more interprets than pronounce the words. With coloratura and repetitions you can create long sequences of music emanating from a few words, such as “I loveove …”. This provides a musical freedom, it makes the opera becom more music than text, and the music does not carry the text. Instead, the text becomes a foundation for a musical performance, leaving the words behind. Therefore, it can sometimes be very difficult to hear what they are singing in the opera. That is not the fact in NewOpera CO’s works.

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