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(Svenska) Säg till hade bra premiär!

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Speak out! at Cinnober 11/20

Premiere for NewOpera CO’s new work Speak out! will it be at Teater Cinnober at Masthuggsterassen on November 20th. Also played 21 and 22 November. Speak out! will also be played at Atalante during spring 2018.

The Family gets a marimba

In the new set of Family in October, percussionist Simon Halvarsson will participate with marimba and percussion. It will be an exciting new feature in the soundtrack.

Simon Halvarsson in Domkyrkan Göteborg:

The Family back in October

The family had a premiere in the fall of 2016. Now this opera, about parents and children, returns in a new version, with partially revised music and a little different ensemble. With Lisen Rylander Löve, Emma Augustsson, Eric Rusch, Karin Wiberg, Simon Halvarsson and Niklas Rydén. Premiere October 26 at Atalante. Also played 27, 28 and 29 October.

New producer times two

In April and May, Hanna Morau worked a period for NewOpera CO. Unfortunately, she could not continue. But happier are we now because Emelie Fröjdendahl has started working part-time for NewOpera CO. Emelie has education in circus/air acrobatics, Kulturverkstan and mask/makeup.

With Murbruket at the Cultural Temple

NewOpera CO and Niklas Rydén are one of the initiators of Murbruket, a network of singers, musicians and dancers regularly seen to exchange experiences, ideas and improvisations. In June, this collective made an improvised performance at the Cultural Temple in Majorna, a magnificent old water reservoir. The event was part of the Ritos II festival.











Listen to the magnificent acoustics:

Read The Family process

The NewOpera CO Business Report for 2016 contains the story about how The Family was created during two years of process with lots of pictures and links. Read here.

Speak out! Political project

In March, a new constellation was formed during an intensive week of laboratory work completed with a public show. Niklas Rydén from NewOpera CO collaborates here with Saga Björklund Jönsson, Emma Augustsson and Karin Wiberg. Saga is new to NewOpera CO and active, among others, in The Mainstream and Bataljonen an has performed at Atalante.
From this meeting, the idea of Speak out! came up. Speak out! is an contemporary political new opera that sticks to the turmoil in politics around the world that has caused many to wonder how safe our democracy really is. Speak out! will be a kind of political art cabaret that mixes the piano trio with pop, and angry texts with scenic action. Speak out! will be played both for adults and for high school.

Film from the first laboration week:

Atalante 30 years

Atalante celebrates 30 years in 2017. On March 4th, there was a great anniversary evening with a diligent program held by Niklas Rydén from NewOpera CO and a man. Watch the movie from the evening:

Video with English subs

There are now NewOpera CO video clips with English subtitles. See clips from The Family, Singless and Party in the Villa here.

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