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(Svenska) Requiem

– a secular mass for our time


NewOpera CO’s Requiem is a new music-dramatic work inspired by the Catholic Requiem Mass. It is a secular ceremony, where we meet in a room to share reflection, sadness, thoughtfulness and inner meditation.
The newly written, remixed text is about the finality of life, the dystopian time we live in, about responsibility, guilt and reconciliation. It is performed by a choir, dancers, singers, electronic and acoustic instruments in a strongly visual space.
In Requiem, NewOpera CO for the first time collaborates with a choir. The choral music has taken inspiration from both liturgical and classical repertoire, but will also merge with electronic music and soundscapes that bring in another dimension. Along with the choir, three soloists, three dancers and a cellist are involved. The newly created choreography will be in the center of the scenic performance.
Requiem will be a secular mass for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the mystique of life.

Premiere 9 september kl 19 på Atalante. Atalante
Other performance dates: 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 september kl 19

Niklas Rydén, libretto, music
Tobias Karlehag, elektronic composition
Saga Björklund Jönsson, song, dramaturgy
Emma Augustsson, song, cello
Niklas Rydén, song, synt
Tanja Andersson, dance, choreography
Linda Wardal, dance, choreography
Sara Axelsson, dance, choreography
Amanda Nordmark, production, dramaturgy
Viktor Wendin, light design

Helena Fornegård
Peter Madsen
Jan Pettersson
Lisa Pääjärvi
Erika Olsson
Mylen Ifter
Lydia Sjöberg

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(Svenska) It wasn’t me

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

(Svenska) Regrets

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Speak out!

Speak out! Is NewOpera CO’s new production. Premieres on November 20, 2017.

SägTill 1


Speak out! lifts our times big questions:
What is democracy? How is money created? How do you know something is true? Is there reasons to be afraid? Why does inequality increase in the world? How do you mitigate hatred? Where are the hopes for the future?

Speak out! wants to lift some of the phenomena that have dominated recent years politics around the world, and made many wonder how safe our democracy really is. The project is a collaboration where Saga Björklund Jönsson is brand new in the ensemble. With background as a artist in the Musicals, she is active in Bataljonen, The Mainstream, and works as a composer and director in various contexts.

Speak out! will be played for adults and school pupils from high school and up. After the performance, there will be audience talki.

Saga Björklund Jönsson, song, action
Karin Wiberg, song, violin, action
Emma Augustsson, song, cello, action
Niklas Rydén, song, piano, action

Text and music by Niklas Rydén and the ensemble

Producer: Emelie Fröjdendahl

Speak out! premieres 20 November at 19 at Teater Cinnober. Length 60-90 min. Also played 21 and 22 November. Spring 2018 it is played at Atalante.

Film from rehearsals during the first laborations in Mars:

The Family

– a new-opera about parenthood, children and, the life. 



The Family, in swedish Familjen, is about adults, children, relationships, parenting, and much more related to life – a collage of short stories that highlight both the bright and dark sides, with a high recognition factor. Niklas Rydén, who has written the libretto and the music, wants with this opera to bring engagement and conversation around what it means to be a human being and to live in close family relationships.
The family is Niklas Rydén’s and NewOpera CO’s fifth opera. The libretto has evolved over two years, where Niklas Rydén gathered stories from real life through meetings with different people. This has resulted in a collage of more than fifty short scenes from the life of the family.
In the final work about half of these stories are presented in two acts. Each act is 1 hr 15 mins long. The swedish libretto is available here.

The Family is presented again at Atalante in the autumn 2017 with premiere October 26. It will be in a slightly revised version with some changes in the ensemble, new arrangements and some shortenings.

The Family was first played in september at the venue Atalante in Göteborg and premiered the 9 september 2016. In november NewOpera CO guested aliasTeatern in Stockholm with The Family.

Some documents, all in swedish:

Lyssna på P1 Kultur om Familjen       Swedish national radio P1
Britt Norbergs recension i
Recension DN

Läs allt om hur Familjen skapades

Alla berättelser som inte kom med
Äldre text om hur Familjen kom tillFörsta skissen över innehålletTematisk översikt från förarbetet


Niklas Rydén, libretto and music
Eva Ingemarsson, director
Kim Johansson, projections, animations
Eric Rusch, song
Sofia My Fryklund, song, (not 2017)
Lisen Rylander Löve, song, sax, bass clarinet
Karin Wiberg, song, violin
Magnus Boqvist, song, percussion, electric guitar, (not 2017)
Emma Augustsson, song, violincello
Simon Halvarsson, marimba, (not 2016)
Niklas Rydén, song, piano
Viktor Wendin, light design
Karin Jatta, costume
Pär Bengtsson, sound, (not 2017)
Emelie Fröjdendahl, producer, (not 2016)

Familjen was 2016 produced by

Familjen on Facebook



Här är links to film:


Six whole scenes                                  


Here are links to some films from the process:

Open musical rehearsal 6 mars  

Open rehearsal 6 mars, talking to audience

 Open musical rehearsal Kulturnatta 22 januari

Reading of libretto februari 2015

Familjen is supported by KUR, national, VGRegion, Göteborg town, The Drama association och The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Kabaret Kosmos













Cabaret Kosmos was created in 2014 in a collaboration between a colorful and diverse group of performing artists. Choreographer Jannine Rivel and NewOpera CO’s Niklas Ryden came to talk about Jannines grandfather, the famous clown Charlie Rivel, and decided to create an art cabaret, including a remixed clown number of Charlie Rivel.

The ensemble consists of Michele Collins, David Sperling Bolander, Jannine Rivel, Clara Gustavsson Karin Wiberg and Niklas Ryden, as well as musicians Magnus Boqvist Victor Olofsson and Georgia Wartel. In the set of Teater Aftonstjärnan in 2015, it was Johanna Ekholm on bass instead of Georgia.

Cabaret Kosmos came to have a space theme that inspired set design and atmosphere. Otherwise, we worked together in the ensemble to develop various actions, dances and the whole format. Niklas Ryden and David Sperling Bolander wrote the lyrics. Jannine Rivel choreographed and created with David a new clown concept. Michele worked out her actions with texts by Gertrude Stein. This is how we describe Cabaret Kosmos:

A group of people have left the earth. During their cosmic journey they look back and remember how it was in the earth, both what was good and what was bad.
With Michele Collins, performance art queen in Gothenburg, David Sperling Bolander, the exceptional scene-music artist, Niklas Ryden, creator of nyopera and Variety Atalante, Clara Gustavsson, the vocalist that is cut out of a thirty’s film, Jannine Rivel, choreographer with roots in both modern dance and circus, Karin Wiberg, violinist and stage artist who appears in many contexts.
Together with the orchestra, they take you to the space center of Kos-Tikk where it is always night and the cabaret run around the clock. It’s nasty lyrics, space music, beautiful vocal harmonies, remixed clown numbers of Charlie Rivel, Django Reinhardt, modern dance, strange noises, dogs on small carts, texts by Gertrude Stein, space debris and a string of unforgettable ballads.

Cabaret Kosmos has been played at Atalante in 2014 and at Teater Aftonstjärnan in 2015 and received support from the Västra Götaland Kulturnämnd twice. Cabaret Kosmos will continue playing 2016-17.


See film from Atalante (better sound)                               
  Akt 1   Akt 2


See film from Teater Aftonstjärnan 
   Akt 1  Akt 2 



Foto Robert EklundSånglösa, Singless, is a new-opera for children aged 6-9 years. Singless is NewOpera CO’s fourth production.

Singless is a girl who experienced severe losses. She has locked up the sad memories far inside. That is why she lost the ability to sing, something she really loves to do. She cries a lot, but do not show it to anyone. Instead, she keeps to herself, with the inner voice Pronto for company. One day when she is down on the beach and crying, she meets the owl Hobox who wants to help her. They speak with the forest, giving her three missions. If she makes it, she will find her voice again.

In the first, you meet yourself. Meet and learn to see what there really is. In the second, you shall meet another one. Meet and dare to be close. In the third, you shall face the difficult. Meet and remember the truth.

Singless is a story inspired by the fairy tale and fantasy, about grief and loss and about how to dare to deal with the past in order to move on.


Sånglösa reviewed in
Review in     (Läs recensionen på
Read audience comments
Listen to report in swedish radio Kulturnytt april 2013
Info paper
Our guide to the teachers 


See Sånglösa from performance 2013. (

Se trailer 5 min.



Niklas Ryden (libretto, music, piano, vocals)
Composer and artistic director at the venue Atalante and NewOpera CO. There he leads an aim to develop new forms of musical drama. Niklas Ryden works in his artistic practice also with text and film. He has worked closely with several choreographers and artists over the years. Niklas Ryden teaches at various universities and art schools.

Henrik Andersson (director)
Freelance director, actor, singer and composer, ending in June 2013 his Master degree in theater with an emphasis on directing at the Theatre Academy in Malmö. He works as freelancing opera director and he teaches at the School of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg.

Eva Ingemarsson (choreography / direction)
Choreographer and artistic director at Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production and the venue Atalante. Has set up some 60 dance performances on stage and different types of rooms. She has also made directing and choreography for Göteborgsoperan and for dance and performing arts programs. Mixing different art forms to develop and deepen the theatrical expression is an important part of her work. Eva Ingemarsson is also trained dance therapist.

Lena Fridell (dramaturg)
Lena Fridell is dramaturge and PhD in Comparative Literature. She has worked for many years in different theaters with a focus on children and youth. She was a driving force when Folkteatern created their venue for preschoolers. After that, she was for many years on Backa Teater and worked in their high-profile projects. Today, she freelances in the theater and participates in various processes with her big experience.

Monique Wernhamn (scenery, costumes)
Artist working on the border between visual arts and performing arts. Have previous works including the performances at Atalante, set and costume Borås Stadsteater. Now she is ton he master program “Contemporary performative arts” at the University of Gothenburg, where she develops and runs an art project in collaboration with young people and cultural institutions in Gothenburg.

My Engstrom Renman (vocals)
Composer and singer of soul, jazz and improvisation. Based in her own band My & the Mighty Mighty Magoo Orchestra. My also sings and tours with Hellsongs. She is featured in various music-dramatic context and was in NewOpera CO’s Vi i Villa. My is also current as children’s book illustrator in Manne gräver ett hål, Wahlströms 2012.

Karin Wiberg (violin, vocals)
Freelancing as a soloist, ensemble and orchestral musician. Karin Wiberg moves in and between musical and artistic contexts and plays in addition to classical music, even music for dramatic scene, contemporary music, tango and pop in various configurations, including the Trio Phantasm and the tango trio Vråk. Karin Wiberg is also frequently hired for the recordings and string arrangements.

John Bergion (cello, vocals)
Is cellist, composer and arranger. Works in various genres. Is the band Diablo Swing Orchestra he tours the world. Also plays in Von Tord, an avant-garde cello-bass duo that received an award in the United States last year. Writes string arrangements for different contexts and artists lika In Flames and Lena Ph.

Jannine Rivel (project)
Is the project leader at NewOpera CO and working with Singless. Jannine is also dance artist and works with own projects and in various collaborations. She is also a sought teachers in Klein technology.

Susanna Martelin (producer)
Is the producer of the Singless and working to sell opera to schools. Susanna has studied at Kulturverkstan and worked in the independent theater group Arcadia, where she worked with the text and dramatization. She has also worked in Teater Tamauer.




Cirkus is New Opera Co’s third work. It began to be written in autumn 2010 and premiered in the spring of 2012. With Cirkus Niklas Rydén wanted to try the monologue form and examine new-opera ability to credibly convey and carry strong melodramatic feelings of existential nature.

Cirkus is about a woman who has experienced losing everything several times. She grew up in the circus. Parents were trapeze stars but died in an accident. She abandoned her own trapeze career. She married a knife thrower and became his target girl in an act that toured throughout the world. After another accident they both abandoned circus completely and started a mine together. Now it is also gone, as is he. Now she stands here and is processing all that has been. Especially everything that happened in the relationship. She wants to move on. But is it possible?

Cirkus is a monologue that is one hour and forty-five minutes, 105 minutes. The team behind the set was long uncertain of how a lonely singer could fill the scene for a so long time. But it went beyond all expectations and reactions from both press and audiences has been overwhelmingly. The process leading to the final result was long, and not least, the text went through several thorough revisions, including from a gender perspective.

Cirkus was filmed at Atalante both the spring and fall of 2012, and visited the Orion Theatre in October 2012.


Reviews (swedish)
Libretto (swedish)
Evaluation (swedish)


See full Cirkus performance from 2012.

Akt 1

Akt 2

Akt 3

See film from Orionteatern in Stockholm: Akt 1Akt 2


Participants in the orginal performance:
Libretto, music, musical director Niklas Rydén
Song Sofia My Fryklund
Choreography, direction Eva Ingemarsson
Set design Cajsa Branchetti-Hallberg, Niklas Rydén
Costume Cajsa Branchetti-Hallberg
Light design Viktor Wendin
Piano, rehearsal David Sperling-Bolander
Violin Karin Wiberg
Percussion Ebba Westerberg
Violincello Johannes Bergion
Production Luisa Denward, Sofia Åhrman

Party in the Villa

Party in the Villa

Skål vid bordParty in the Villa was written in 2008 and is a chamber opera about two couples who meet one evening to have a party in a villa in the suburb. Everything is nice and cozy, they all want a nice evening, but all the time the facades are cracking and what’s behind trickles out, sometimes between the lines, felt in the atmosphere, sometimes pronounced and confrontational. The longer the evening suffers and the bottles are emptied, the more comes out of trauma, grief, disappointment, aggression and the various longings all carry. Often, without the ability to process emotionally.

Party in the Villa grew out of a creative process in which the entire ensemble improvised, shared memories and experiences, talked and discussed topics lice partner relationships, life projects, to have/not have children, to have the house, wanting to show a positive wiev on life despite all the difficult, that is also a reality.

After this process Niklas wrote the libretto and music. The libretto consists entirely of material from the process and the work in progress with everyone in the group.

Party in the Villa premiered in 2008 and was played again in 2010 in a completely reworked version.

There is an extensive blog from the process as possible to see here.


See Party in the Villa full performance from 2008. (swedish)

Akt 1                                                      Akt 2                                                 Akt 3


The guests arrives, Party in the House 2010 (swedish)


Participating 2008

Niklas Rydén, composer, libretto, project leader.
Johanna Larsson, light design, director, co-creator.
Jim Berggren, visual artist, images and projections.
Erika Alexandersson, singer, co-creator.
David Sperling, singer, co-creator.
My Engström, singer.
Jorge Alcaide, singer.
Anna Gustafsson, singer, percussion, accordion.
Magnus Bergström, singer, bass, co-creator.
Fredrika Byman Moberg, dance artist, co-creator.
Emma Rygielski, project leader, producer.
Erika von Weissenberg, costume
Pär Bengtsson, sound and projection technique.
Uncas Rydén, co-creator in the libretto.


Participating 2010

Niklas Rydén, libretto, music, piano.
Johanna Larsson, light, direction, set building.
Linda Wallgren, set design, costume.
Sofia My Fryklund, song.
David Sperling, song.
My Engström Renman, song.
Jorge Alcaide, song.
Jonas Franke-Blom, cello, musical arrangement.
Andreas Edlund, clarinets
Margarida Araújo, violin, altviolin.
Pär Bengtsson, sound and set technique.



uppvind_001_jpeg_650x650_q85Upwind was NewOpera CO’s first performance. It was created in 2006 through a collective process in which the visual artist Jim Berggren, choreographer Minna Kiper and composer Niklas Rydén started parallel processes in the group. Niklas Rydén then wrote the libretto and music for this NewOpera CO’s first new-opera, which is kind of a visual art cabaret with dancers, soloists, choir, projections, music and lectures.

The story takes place in a small Swedish town where a middle-aged man and woman are sitting talking in a cafe. They have had a relationship that was complicated. The woman had a son with another man. The son has just died during military service in Afghanistan. Outside, in the city, there is a hostage drama going on, perhaps a terrorist attack. At the cafe appears the nasty little girl who can fly up in the roof. She tells uncomfortable truths about the mankind and get good help from one of the seven white mice she is carrying with her them and who runs out in the cafe. After three acts and lots of episodes everything explodes. Just the mouse and the girl remains. Still in the world.

Upwind premiered in 2006 and was rebuilt in 2007 in a revised version.

There is an extensive blog from the process that is possible to see here. (swedish)


Se Uppvind full performance 2006. (swedish)

Akt 1                                                      Akt 2                                                 Akt 3



Text, music – Niklas Rydén
Images, projections – Jim Berggren, Michel Droetto
Movement – Minna Kiper
She – Malin Dahlström
He – Gustaf Karlöf
The girl – Lisen Rylander
The Mous – Niklas Rydén
Song/percussion – Magnus Boqvist
Song/bass – Magnus Bergström
Song/violin – Livet Nord (2007)
Song/violincello – Emma Nordlund (2007)
Dance – Minna Kiper, Soledad Howe, Klara Rygielski
Choir – Uncas Rydén, Anna Wemmert Clausen, Anders Korobczynski
Costume – Nonno Nordqvist
Light – Viktor Wendin
Assistant directors – Anna Ulén, Annkatrin Meyerson
Sound – Pär Bengtsson
Production – Kalle Bäccman, Emma Rygielski

NewOpera CO

NewOpera CO creates newopera, inventive music drama. Niklas Rydén is founder and artistic director.

Financial support

Kulturrådet, VGR, Göteborg, Konstnärsnämnden, Dramatikerförbundet.


Contact NewOpera CO with email or our contact form. Info is here